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William B. Reed

William B. Reed

Bill was born in Newport, Arkansas in 1952. His early years were spent in the swamps, forests, thickets, and deserts of Louisiana and Texas; where, he was often free to roam unsupervised.  After his family moved to Maryland, he spent his free time roaming the National Gallery of Art when not protesting the war. Although it has become a cliché, Woodstock was a defining moment in his life.

For 34 years Bill was a hydrologist with the federal government. He retired in June of 2012 and now plans to spend the next 20 – 30 years painting. Bill began painting in High School. His first painting was one he loved and his art teachers debated.  His paintings are works of acrylic on canvas with knife (fork and/or spoon). They often reveal his love for nature (eco-spirituality), his understanding of natural processes (especially fluid mechanics), and his predominately non-linear thinking. For the last several years, Bill has been coordinator of the Annual Art and Crafts Festival held by the First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City.

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