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Who Do You Love: Portia Snow

For February we’re asking Utah artists about a specific piece of art or artist living or dead, local or global, that has sparked their curiosity or influenced their work. We’ll be running some of their responses throughout the month.

Portia Snow, “Angel on Hell’s Backbone”


Portia Snow, a Utah native and Salt Lake City photographer and multimedia artist has this response to our query: “When asked, ‘who do you love,’ I am dumbfounded. Not because of a lack of love but rather an overwhelming abundance of it. There are so many people in my life that I adore, that I am in love with,” she says.

“Many are artists who inspire me to create new work. There are those who are close to me and then those who inspire me from afar…perhaps from another place in time. There are those who have passed, those who live and work in a world completely foreign to my own yet with whom I share a great deal.

“Since I have been asked to choose one, I would have to choose Sally Mann. It is nearly impossible to describe my admiration for Sally Mann and her work over the years. For me, she has always represented the raw, real moments, in all of their glory: the beautiful, the atrocious, the uncomfortable and the unmistakable beauty that one experiences in everyday life. Her images capture mundane moments and deep penetrating ones. Her body of work called “Upon Reflection” with its ghostly images of herself has definitely inspired some of my recent pieces that hold a similar haunting spirit to that which I find in Mann’s work.”
Portia can be found on both Facebook and Instagram.


Sally Mann, Untitled (Self-Portrait) 2006-12


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  1. Mann continues to be one of the more dependable, original artists working in photographs (or anything else). No doubt avoiding New York and other major art nodes has helped her avoid becoming irrelevant, like some artists one could name.

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