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Who Do You Love: Brenda Thomas

"Vertical" by Brenda Thomas, 24" x 30", acrylic.

“Vertical” by Brenda Thomas, 24″ x 30″, acrylic.

After studying art in her youth at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, the University of Hawaii and Long Beach State University, Brenda Thomas decided to take up painting again when she moved to Park City in 1998 following dual careers in clothing design and motherhood. Landscapes and floral studies were a natural response to her surroundings in the mountains; her work since then has been exhibited in local galleries, juried exhibitions and solo shows and was featured in American Art Collector magazine a few years back. She works primarily in watercolor and acrylic.

Thomas tells us she loves Doug Snow, as so many of us do, but her reasons are quite specific:

“For me, his paintings unleash imagination without restraint, creating a sense of place represented by the feel and emotion of that place more accurately than a realistic representation. They also represent beauty and freedom to me, a spiritual depth that pulls me into an uncommon experience, opening my heart while my senses soar deep within the painting and [within] myself,” says this Park City-based artist.

"Untitled" by V. Douglas Snow

“Bursts of brilliant color speak of nature’s jolts of excitement through weather upon magnificent formations. Edges in his paintings are unpredictable, full of the unknown, mystery, and energy all contributing to that emotional sense of place,” she continues.

Thomas says someone told her recently that he knew exactly where one of her paintings was located “as it was one of his favorite places. I had taken great liberty with the image and was surprised he recognized it. Then I realized the feeling of place was in the painting. Best compliment ever!”

Her work can be seen at www.brendathomasart.com

The untitled work by the late V. Douglas Snow is in the collection of his wife, Susan Snow.


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