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Who Do You Love: Anne Albaugh

For February we’re asking Utah artists about a specific piece of art or artist living or dead, local or global, that has sparked their curiosity or influenced their work. We’ll be running some of their responses throughout the month.


Anne Albaugh Pinedale to Jackson Oil on canvas 18” x 48”


Fascinated by storms and the desert, Anne Albaugh tells us: Who Do I Love….I love Maynard Dixon and Dorothea Lange. I will never and never want to paint like Maynard, but we see the same land. The West is our land…all of its terror and loneliness and harsh beauty…the frightening scale which make us realize our place in the world.

“Dorothea and Maynard made America see our reckless disregard for the people at the bottom…thrown away like trash in the worst of times. Maynard’s “The Forgotten Man” series and Dorothea’s photographs of migrant workers could be the same artist in different mediums. They both made a lasting record of our inhumanity and our humanity.”

She also loves being represented by 15th Street Gallery and hopes you will stop by to see her paintings in person.

Maynard Dixon: "Cloud World"

Maynard Dixon: “Cloud World”

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