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What’s New: Stefanie Dykes

A co-founder of Saltgrass Printmakers in Sugar House who teaches printmaking and drawing at the U, Stefanie Dykes tells us that she has been learning how to make ceramic bowls and tiles (courtesy of Stacy Phillips) between semesters. The tiles are for Hikmet Loe’s show A Measure of Salt: Contemporary Artists Engaging Great Salt Lake opening at Ephraim’s Granary Art Center on February 13, the same show Frank McEntire is preparing for (see our Jan. 3 entry).
Stefanie says, “2015 is the year of the Sheep! It’s time to let the rams and ewes out of the barn to wander around. I’ve been drawing anamorphic cylindrical drawings with my sheepmen archetypes. Love them!
“And I got a FlipBookit for Christmas. Now all I need to do is develop a narrative in 24 frames.”

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  1. Stefanie Dykes is the perfect co-regent to Pope Tony. Imagine them like the King and Queen of your high school prom, draped in cheap finery and topped by gold foil crowns. Her drawn and printed visions never fail to expand awareness, and her sheep and ewes already dance in my dreams (on the end of their mobile strings). The divine Ovine aside, anamorphic cylinders should be the stuff of Nobel prizes, but until the Academy catches on, Ms. Dykes will go on sorting the sheep from the goats in advance of a clueless public.

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