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What’s New: Kent Christensen

Kent Christensen.August.2014

Many Utah artists paint deserts; Kent Christensen mostly paints desserts. And 2015 begins with his work showing in four places simultaneously: At London’s gallery Eleven, The Leonardo, the BYU – Harris Fine Arts Center’s 50th anniversary exhibit and Springville’s Spiritual and Religious show. His work also can be seen on Camilla Elphick’s pricey but fun and festive women’s shoes – made in Milan for both her 2014 and 2015 seasons.

For 2015 he says,  “I plan on taking advantage of more landscape painting opportunities in New York and elsewhere later this year. Landscape has often figured into my work, but to have the luxury of painting outdoors for its own sake is something I haven’t done regularly since the 90’s. It is pure therapy,” he says.

“My studio work continues to develop around simple shape-oriented paintings based on Buddhist tantric art. I’m currently working on a new body of “Tantric Candy Porn” which is part of my larger on-going project: “Secrets of the Great Salt Lake.”

Every January we check in with Utah artists to see what the new year holds in store for them.

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  1. I don’t think you can ethically use a phrase like “Tantric Candy Porn” and not provide at least a link, if not an actual example.
    Just saying . . .

    • Hi Geoff. Thanks for the interest in Tantric Candy Porn. Like my other tantric paintings, the candy and other forms of Mormon heroin (aka sugar) are arranged in the shape of a mandala. There is no actual porn, although some say if you meditate hard enough….. you will see things. It’s “porn” as in “tech porn,” “ruin porn,” and my personal favorite: “cabin porn” (cabinporn.com). As for a link, check my website in another month or so: kentchristensen.com

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