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What’s New: Karen Horne

KH in studio 1.2015 DSC_0465

Karen Horne, gallery owner and well-known painter about town, as well as 2013 winner of the Mayor’s Award in the Visual Arts, says that last year she was focused on expanding her series of Salt Lake cityscapes for her well-received solo retrospective at the Gallery at Library Square titled Night and Day. In 2015, however, “I’m planning to take some of the vivid color and crowd action in those pieces, and apply it to my other body of work – dancers.  I’ve loved capturing dancers in the medium of pastel. Now I want to find a way to translate the same airiness and movement that I find so easy to achieve in pastel into a series of oils.  And I want my dancer paintings to be dynamic, not just beautiful. I’m inspired by the radical viewpoints and color you find in late Degas. I see the dancers moving to a larger canvas format, where I combine convincing figure detail with strong abstract passages. I have some 36×60’s, and even a 72×72 ready when I am.”

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