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What’s New: Josh Winegar

winegarBioImagePhotographer and WSU Professor Josh Winegar says he is currently at work finishing up a series titled Burst a Part / Burst Apart. “It’s a body of work that employs the act of photographing personally significant sites from my life/memory and then rupturing those images with the basic material of photographic work, light. What remains are images of remembrance that have been torn, altered, obscured and transformed by light, alluding to the transformation of growing beyond who one used to be.  Some of those pieces will be on view at the Rio Gallery in Salt Lake opening Jan 16th.”

“I’ve also been building a large camera that shoots 30”x24” negatives which I hope to have finished soon. I’m experimenting with different darkroom processing & printing techniques to use with the camera to make a new body of work.  I’m not at a place where I can talk about what that work is about yet, but I’m excited about the direction it’s heading.”


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