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What’s New: Joe Ostraff


Phillips artist, two-time Utah Arts Council Visual Arts fellow and BYU professor, Joe Ostraff is heading out of state next week to install a project in an exhibition: Affect + Reason at the Institute for Humanities Research at ASU in Tempe. He tells us about “Flash: An installation”:

“Considering the turn signals of cars as they line up, there is a unique cadence to each line of vehicles and sometimes several cars will blink in unison. This project comes from an idea that something may happen, wondering if I’ll be around to see it. I feel a sense of limitation–seeking situations where something unique may be observed if I have the patience to wait for mundane elements to align and do something epic.

“The idea will be expressed through a collection of 20 traffic barricade lights arranged on a floor. Over a period of time, a variety of patterns will develop. Mathematically, it is projected that at some point in time all the lights will blink or flash in unison.

“The barricade lights would be arranged on the floor and organized to fit in the space allotted. The battery source will be replaced by a wiring system that would allow the installation to be plugged into a wall outlet for continuous play. In order to preserve the authentic experience it is critical that the lights run continuously throughout the duration of the exhibition.”

Our video profile of the artist appeared in the January 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

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