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What’s New: Jeff Juhlin

15bytes Jeff Juhlin #2

Known primarily for his encaustic abstractions inspired, in part, by the landscape of southern Utah, Jeff Juhlin has started 2015 as he has for the past five Januarys — by teaching a couple of encaustic workshops at the Hui Art Center in Maui. “It’s a stunningly beautiful place located in what they call ‘Upcounty’ on the side of the volcano on the north shore,” he reports.“It’s great fun and gives me a much needed winter break. Still can’t do the Hula!” He adds, “I am especially fond of my horsey teaching assistant this year [pictured] but he costs me a lot of carrots. His advice, however, is well worth it!” Jeff says they have a daily discussion about the relevance of abstraction and that a carrot or two keeps the motivation level high.

Jeff also just completed shows at Ellesworth Gallery in Santa Fe and Space Gallery in Denver.




Every January we check in with Utah artists to see what the new year holds in store for them.

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