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What’s New: Hyunmee Lee

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Hyunmee Lee is “experimenting with a variety of mark-making to achieve depth in my painting. Experimenting with these works on paper and creating gestural calligraphy are always giving me inspirations. This year I am living seriously a notion of ’empowerment of self.’ ” After 19 years in Utah and eight in her isolated Highland studio, the talented South Korean native is thinking about a new venue for her art studio “and seeking some changes of living attitude. New challenges, new motivations are needed to explore the impact of confidence in my work.”
Hyunmee is working on about 30 new paintings for solo shows in New York City and Santa Fe this year. “Various gestures and mark-makings are building layers of depth in the surfaces and some gestures are dancing individually. This beginning process is like slow walking, the whole process deliberates meditation. Contemplation and meditation of Tao has been very important to my paintings; additionally Western humanism and the aesthetics of communication help to define more about human nature. Analyzing various expressions of a human’s inner mind is my current research, such as wonderment, daring, regret, shame, assurance, bewilderment.”
This year she also wants to publish one or two booklets that have simple drawings, and sketch-journals using different media. “People see my painting mostly at the galleries so this will show the progression or inspiration behind my paintings,” she says.


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