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What’s New: Ed Bateman


Noted internationally for his digital imaging artwork and for never knowing what month it is, U. assistant Professor Ed Bateman just now got back to us with the answer to our January question as to what he was up to in 2015. (We have a new query for artists in February – stay tuned . . .) Since we really enjoy keeping up with Ed, and know you do, too, here’s what he has to say:

“The New Year started (and continues) with tying up loose ends. Shipping work off to Belgium, London and (yes, indeed) Tennessee, followed by proposals, submissions, starting a new semester, and making travel arrangements. Whew!

“Sleep deprived and seriously craving a little more time to get lost in some projects that, while not exactly nagging me, are doing their muse-ly best to get my full attention. That has me curious, since they’re the boss.

“I am also trying to make time for a little time travel – a few paradoxes I want to unravel and explore.”

Pictured is Ed stealing priority mailing boxes from the post office. (He claims he actually is sending them off somewhere.)

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  1. Ed created a wonderful new collection of images as only he can. This tin full of curiosities in called Science Rends the Veil and is his own visual depiction of the devices that may have been created at the turn of the century to reunite people with their departed loved ones. Technically brilliant and what a creative mind!

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