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What’s New: Dave Malone

davemalonePopular Phillips artist Dave Malone says he has been juggling art-making with his brand design business for some time now and acknowledges its challenges. On top of that, he says, “I’m a father of a 3-year-old and I have another little girl due in early April. Needless to say, time is coveted, indeed.

“Those who know my work, and my process, know that I don’t sit still for very long. I don’t just paint landscapes or portraits (not that there is anything wrong with focusing on one process with one outcome), it’s just not who I am. I’m wired to explore, to create things that don’t work and don’t matter, to work on a piece for days, weeks, or even months and then discard it because it simply doesn’t meet my aesthetic sensibilities….For 2015 I would like to focus more on the sculptural side of my work—constructions and assemblages from reclaimed materials ranging from wood and stone to steel and glass. Anything is open for consideration. I like to take it as it comes, but I do have a sense of urgency to own it a bit more, direct the flow, control the outcome; be in charge of the process. The ‘problem’ is I just don’t sit still for very long.”

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