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What’s New: Connie Borup

Shadow-Patterns-40x52-To start out 2016 we checked in with some Utah artists to see what they are up to in the New Year. We’ll be running these short features throughout the month.

Connie BorupWhen you think “Connie Borup” you think “nature” and often “trees,” though that theme has morphed in recent years. You think oil on a large scale. On her website www.connieborup.com she writes, “I am drawn to the quiet, meditative aspects of the natural world. I am fascinated by the shapes of plants, leaves, pods, branches and twigs and the play of light and shade on their surfaces.” She tells us that her recent paintings “examine the design patterns of rocks and plants as reflected through the prism of water in a natural environment.  I am preparing work for a show at Phillips Gallery in April of 2016. “

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