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What’s New: Carolyn Coalson

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Carolyn Coalson

Longtime Phillips artist and well-respected abstract painter Carolyn Coalson says, “If there is ever a time of transition for me on many levels, it is now, 2015.” She is trying to “keep a balance between what must be done outside the studio, which is an upheaval of sorts, and what goes on inside the studio which is silent. I keep it compartmentalized. Off limits to otherwise worldly cares that bring me to a halt as I try to figure them out, the studio becomes an, excuse the word, sanctuary. Once there, I’m OK.”
Recently she was low on supplies, and went to town to buy a tube or two of paint. She bought gesso panels instead of canvas, but won a raffle for art supplies. When she got them, there were unfamiliar items “including impasto mediums, small block panels, colors I’ve never heard of, and inks. I  am experimenting with these inks and gold tone acrylics, etc.”
She has accepted the current popular Facebook challenge to post three paintings a day — but Carolyn is painting new ones rather than showing work from the past, and utilizing those supplies and small block panels she won.
“Every day brings a challenge.  A new year is too big a chunk to deal with. So I’ll just do what I have done for 40-plus years. Continue my pursuit in paint,” the resolute artist states.
You can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/carolyn.coalson?fref=ts

A graduate of the University of Utah, Ann Poore is a freelance writer and editor who spent most of her career at The Salt Lake Tribune. She was the 2018 recipient of the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Artist Award in the Literary Arts.

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