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What’s New: Brad Slaugh

bradslaughA fondness for pina coladas and getting caught in the rain is the reason we see Brad Slaugh in front of the 5th in a series of night scenes he has been working on during the year he is spending walking around the hilltop towns in Central Colonial Mexico. He’s currently living in San Miguel de Allende and hopes to exhibit these works as a group when he and his family get back to Salt Lake City this summer. “I plan to use these as springboards for some larger and more ambitious studio pieces when I return, but for now I’m keeping them moderately sized and portable for transport to the States,” he says.

Brad has been a full-time painter since graduating with an MFA from Boston University in 1995, with occasional stints teaching college kids to draw and paint. He’s the founder and director of Poor Yorick Studios, a complex of 40 art studios with more than 50 working artists in South Salt Lake, where 15 Bytes has its offices. (In fact, we’ve commandeered Brad’s studio while he’s away.)

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