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What’s New: Beth Krensky

BK 15 bytesBeth Krensky, shown here performing her Shroud/Shawl piece (photographed by Josh Blumental), tells us that for 2015: “I continue to engage with my performative pieces and will return to the Salt Flats to perform my piece, Skirt of Sorrow and Forgiveness that was recently exhibited at the UMFA. I am starting work on an installation, The Store of Wishes, that references commerce in the art world as well as the idea of “store” as a repository. I will create a store that sells and stores wishes—both the remembrance of and hope for these desires.


“My artistic practice is a living practice — one that supports sustainability of individuals and the planet — and is a flexible entity that responds to different contexts and ideas. For as far back as I can remember, I have built and drawn my understanding of the world. This has translated into creating objects for real and imagined rituals that I often perform in solitude.”



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