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What’s New: Andrew Ehninger

EhningerA number of Utah artists are delighted with Andrew Ehninger for recently curating, as an Adobe team member, entries to the “Utah Artists & Adobe” show that opened Jan. 15 in Lehi. Born and raised in Salt Lake City and now living in Finlandia, Utah, the artist graduated from the U with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, painting and drawing education and a minor in philosophy. He uses his degree to teach seniors within Salt Lake County Aging Services painting, with drawing intermixed, something he says he “absolutely loves” to do.

As to his own work, Ehninger explains: “I have always been extremely invested in creative works driven by the spontaneity of the moment I’m in, tied together with an academic-informed decision-making process. For so much of art history images have been made to show the world view through a person’s eyes. I’m invested this year to further a new visual language that represents not one thing, but rather many.”

He says people see in his abstract work “inspiration from cells, trees, topographical earth photos, space nebulas, stains on one’s shirt . . . and that’s the view I seek to express . . . a larger view of what it means to be human.”

Ehninger plans to seek out gallery representation in 2016. He also has a worthwhile Facebook page.

He continues to develop and work with acrylic and resins. “Resins have a language in and of themselves that is flowing,” says Ehninger, “much like . . . the very moment we are in that is continually moving.”

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