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What to check out at Gallery Stroll

It’s definitely fall because things are in full swing in Utah’s art world and there is plenty you’ll want to check out for tonight’s Salt Lake Gallery Stroll.

We won’t be able to mention all the fabulous shows worth seeing (but we’ve already talked about one in yesterday’s post and for a full list of the Gallery Stroll participants click here), but we do have a couple of places we can recommend you start your stroll. After reading Ehren Clark’s preview of the exhibit in the September edition of 15 Bytes, we’ll definitely be stopping by the Tom Aaron show at Nox Contemporary to check out his expressionist explorations of the Public Land Survey System’s mapping of the west. Also dealing with maps is an exhibit curated by Steve Sheffield at Art Access, within actual strolling distance from Nox. In Off the Map,23 local artists were asked to interpret a specific site within the central part of Salt Lake City. The boundaries were set between 2nd Avenue and 700 South, and 600 East to 700 West, and the individual sites chosen by throwing a dart at a map. Some artists chose to focus on the location itself or on a particular building, while others took details seen at the site and combined them into a larger piece.


If you plan on starting your stroll on the eastern part of town, you can’t go wrong by visiting Phillips Gallery, where you’ll find a powerful abstract exhibit up this month. In addition to works by the late Lee Deffebach, Phillips will have new work by Michael David Hall and Carolyn Coalson, both recipients of Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grants. Hall was awarded the grant back in 1998, and Coalson (whose most recent show in Salt Lake was reviewed in these pagees in 2010) won an award just this year.

Utah’s Anna Campbell Bliss also won the award, back in 2006. You’ll have to wait another couple of weeks to see some of her work, when a new exhibit opens at The Leonardo on October 4th (you’ll be reading more about it in our October edition); but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also stop by The Leonardo tonight, which is now a member of the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll. In fact, since they are open late (until 10) this might be just the place to end your stroll. Over the summer The Leonardo moved their Lab, which features a residency program, to the south side of the building. This means you can access the Lab and its exhibits without paying the museum’s cover charge. Tonight you’ll find an exhibit of works by Howard Brough, completed during his recent artist residency, as well as window collages by Liberty Blake.

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