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The 1-5-B, Episode 3: We Accept the Place, A Conversation with Jared Christensen

The 1-5-B, Episode 3: We Accept The Place

In his first exhibition as curator, Salt Lake City-based photographer brings together his friends and colleagues for an examination of place, at The Green Loft in Salt Lake City.

“With the undeniable impact of globalization and the constantly increasing presence of social media in our daily lives, it can easily feel as though we are more connected than ever,” Christensen says. “But with so many options available to us in a seemingly endless supply, we may quickly sacrifice quality in favor of quantity in our daily experience.” We begin to lose touch, he says, with our immediate environment and with those around us.

In The Place Accepts Us, And We Accept the Place, Christensen has assembled the work of Andrew Fillmore, Jamie Harper, Nadia Rea Morales and Denae Shanidiin, with that of his own. All five artists explore Christensen’s concept that, at its core, a sense of place comes from the combination of environment and people.

In episode 3 of our podcast, The 1-5-B, we talked with Christensen about the exhibition.

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The Place Accepts Us, And We Accept The Place is at The Green Loft in Salt Lake City through November 1, with receptions Friday, October 14 and Friday, October 21, 6-10 pm.

The 1-5-B is 15 Bytes weekly(ish) podcast on the Utah art community, featuring interviews with artists, writers, performers and curators.

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