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Waves of Mu Hits Salt Lake

We’ve been following Amy Caron’s developing Waves of Mu project ever since Ed Bateman profiled the artist in our March 2007 edition of 15 Bytes. Caron was still in the developmental stages of her installation/performance informed by the developing science of “mirror neurons” when Bateman wrote: “As Caron describes Waves of Mu, the performance aspect will incorporate a stealthy infusion of performed contagious behavior throughout the evening and theatre under the facade of a lecture demonstration. Audience members will participate in the performance consciously and unconsciously.” The project has turned into a complex two-room installation-performance that promises to drive multidisciplinary art headlong into new territory.

Caron and her crew have taken the project to Vermont, Alaska (see a video of the installation in our November 2008 edition) and New York, and this weekend, April 3rd and 4th, they will be bringing it to Salt Lake City. The Waves of Mu experience offers a unique multidimensional education, demonstrating the scientific and empirical integrity of mirror neurons while presenting thought-provoking connections between mirror neuron deficiencies and autism spectrum disorders, thereby challenging our cultural concept of normality and its effect on human evolution.

The two performances will be at the Rose Wagner Black Box Theatre Friday and Saturday at 8 pm. Click here for ticket information.



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