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Vincent Mattina: Timescapes at Finch Lane Gallery

January 11 through February 22, 2019. An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, January 11 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Beginning at 6:30 p.m.; each artist will give a gallery talk to discuss their work.

Vincent Mattina’s mixed media series, Timescapes, originates from local landscapes in the Utah area. For years, topography has been an element of his work where the landscape is simply a background. Since relocating to the Salt Lake City area, he decided to make the landscape his main focus. The expanse of Utah is filled with natural beauty alongside diverse urban and rural scenery. The outdoor lifestyle has inspired Mattina to create images that reflect the dense population of cities and the quiet natural space around us. The works in the Timescapes exhibition are also cognitive to the ancient history of the land. “I represent historical markers by using timeworn pictographs hidden in the textures of the earthly underground.”

Vincent Mattina was raised in the Midwest and relocated to Los Angeles where he gained recognition as an Art Director and Designer. His work has shown in museums and galleries throughout the country.

Finch Lane Gallery
54 Finch Lane
Salt Lake City

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