Utah Chamber Artists’ Collage Concert

” . . . Bradford Barlow says a highlight of the Collage Concert will be the world premiere of a piece by acclaimed composer J.A.C. Redford. Redford spent much of his youth in Utah before starting a career in Hollywood as a composer, orchestrator and conductor for films such as Newsies, Avatar, Wall-E, and more recently The Adjustment Bureau and The Help. The premiere of “Rest Now, My Sister” is a deeply personal and solemn tribute to Redford’s sister-in-law who was brutally murdered last year in Salt Lake City’s Fairmont Park. Bradford says this piece comes at the darkest moment in the program.

“We’re taking this journey depicting joy, going through difficulty and then coming out of it. And what we have at the central point of the concert – the lowest of the depths, if you will, is [Redford’s] requiem piece,” Bradford says. “This brings it to a very immediate human experience, that this is part of our lives right now. This is not a requiem from 500 years ago, and this is something that we have to know: that there is pain, there is trial, but there is also joy and there is also triumph from the pain and that’s what we’re giving in this concert. There is this ability to rise above and find this other-worldly peace . . .

Read more about the Utah Chamber Artists’ Collage Concert in the September 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

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