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Updates to the Edition

Inevitably, when we put out a new edition of 15 Bytes we miss things,  whether because we weren’t paying attention or because — HINT HINT — people don’t send their press releases to us in a timely manner (due the last Wednesday of the month).

Telefon Man by Dennis Reynolds

We’ve updated our UP & UPCOMING pages with listings that have come in since our publication date. Also, we should have mentioned in our PASTEUPS that local sculptor Cordell Taylor will be reopening his gallery space this month. The new space opens this Friday, November 13th, with an exhibit of new works by Dennis Reynolds. The opening is 5 – 9 pm ( additional openings will be held
Nov. 20th 5-9pm and Dec.4th 5-9pm). The new gallery space is at 964 South 200 West in Salt Lake (Phone 801. 580.1746).

image: Telefon Man by Dennis Reynolds.

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