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Under Pressure: Contemporary Prints at the UMFA


Under Pressure: it’s the title of a Queen/David Bowie song, whose opening riff was famously not ripped off by Vanilla Ice (aka Robert Van Winkle); it is what we are in this modern world; but most importantly (i.e., most relevant to what you are reading right now), it’s the anemic title of the exhibit currently showing at the Utah Museum of Fine Art through January 14, 2014. Anemic because the title lacks the same throbbing pulse as the show itself. The pieces collected in Under Pressure span the last five decades of printmaking (get it? pressure…printmaking) culled from collector Jordan D. Schnitzer’s expansive personal collection. The exhibit has four stops: Nebraska, Kansas, our own 801, and Montana. Schnitzer graciously and enthusiastically lent, without any fees, this fragment of his personal collection to the traveling show to provide people the opportunity to experience some of the best artists of our time.

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