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Tristyn Bustamante

Tristyn Bustamante achieved an MFA from Arizona State University and a BFA with a minor in Art History from Northern Arizona University. She has attended residencies and given lectures in places such as, Clayarch Gimhae Museum in South Korea, The Armory Art Center in Florida, and New Harmony Clay Project in Indiana. Her work involves the use of clay and other materials to produce carefully planned yet intuitively designed sculptural objects. Early work exhibited expressive systematic qualities while conveying a sense of ambiguity of function. More recently, Tristyn’s efforts have focused on investigating recent and emerging technologies and human/ animal perception.

Tristyn has exhibited regionally and nationally, as well as at a few locations abroad. She is also the recipient of several grants and scholarships.  As a community and education advocate, she has pursued teaching, learning and involvement in local communities whenever and wherever she can. Tristyn has worked both part-time and full-time as an art instructor for a range of ages at different institutions and as a Studio Director. In spring 2020 she made the now permeant transition to living in Salt Lake City while working as a case investigator on a contact tracing team. Starting in late 2021 she recommenced artistic activities at home in her new studio for upcoming shows. Since 2021 Tristyn has also been teaching at risk youth, volunteering, and giving workshops in Utah.   

Tristyn is appreciative to have the support of family, friends, and art enthusiasts throughout these endeavors, most significantly her family and partner.  




Tristyn Bustamante
Blow System 
Stoneware, brass, porcelain. Multiple firings down from cone 7 oxidation and room temperature surface treatments.
27 x 15 x 13


Tristyn Bustamante
Virtual Apperception Test, The New MSR 
Sense: Proprioception (subconscious sense of physical self/ body and movement/ position)
Coiled and pinched porcelain, brass, pewter. Multiple firings down from cone 6 oxidation. 
11 x 11 x 4


Tristyn Bustamante
Augmented Vestigial 
Sense: Sent/ Smell
Slab-built stoneware, thrown and hand-built porcelain. Multiple firings down from cone 6 oxidation and room temperature surface treatments.  
29 X 15 x 7


Tristyn Bustamante
Voice Activated Deer/ Dear Assistant 
Sense: Hearing/ Listening
Slab-built stoneware, cast porcelain, brass mesh, bulbs. Multiple firings down from cone 6 oxidation, and room temperature surface treatments. 
16 x 14 x 8


Tristyn Bustamante
Settings: Feel From a Distance
Sense: Touch Feel
Coiled and pinched porcelain, steel
12 x 4.5 x 14


Tristyn Bustamante
Augmented Fluidity  
Sense: Equilibrioception (Sense of balance)
Thrown and hand-built porcelain, wires. Multiple firings down from cone 6 oxidation and room temperature surface treatments.  
10.5 x 12 x 6


Tristyn Bustamante
Multidimensional Webb See’ers 
Sense: Vision/ Sight
Thrown and pinched stoneware, steel, epoxy. Multiple firings down from cone 6 oxidation and room temperature surface treatments. 
6 x 4 x 7 each 


Tristyn Bustamante
Chatting at the Router 
Clayarch Gimhae Museum Series 
Hand-built and press-molded with three regional South Korean stonewares. Fired at cone 8 reduction and oxidation and finished with room temperature surface treatments.
Birds 3 x 5 x 9 (each), Router Blob 25 x 15 x 15 


Tristyn Bustamante
Rural Coterie
Clayarch Gimhae Museum Series
Hand-built with one regional South Korean stoneware. Fired at cone 8 reduction.
7 x 5 x 4 (each)


Exhibition View
Clayarch Gimhae Museum, South Korea, 2019 
Front left – Rural Repository (see below)
Front Right – Bird Bot Outstation (see below)
Back Left – Chatting at the Router 
Back Right – Rural Coterie 

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