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Trishelle Jeffery

Trishelle JefferyBio

Trishelle Jeffery was born and raised in Utah. She studied Art and Printmaking at Snow College and the University of Utah. She has shown alongside artists such as Matthew Barney, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, and David Wojnarowicz.
Through her autobiographical prints and comic strips, Trishelle exposes personal struggles revolving around femininity, identity, and relationships with others. Using herself as the subject, Jeffery illuminates the awkwardness of womanhood, giving the viewer an intimate glimpse into the artist’s own trials and tribulations. Nonetheless, Jeffery achieves a type of reconciliation, as her use of humor cleverly counters the inelegance that we all experience when trying to find our own sense of self.

Artist Statement

I make prints as an imprint of myself. While many artists prefer people keep them and their work separate, the best way to know me as a human is to know my art. I use my prints to journal, communicate, and occasionally have a mental breakdown.
I use comics because I am interested in they type of flattened space that occurs with text and bubbles, because I want to compartmentalize my experiences, because sometimes a single frame is not enough, and because they are the purest form of visual narrative.
My work is silly, sad, easy to read, relatable, and honest. My work is me.

Artist Images

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