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Trent Alvey’s Atomic Sublime


THE 1-5-B: Trent Alvey and the Atomic Sublime

Trent Alvey lived what she calls an idyllic youth in the 1950s, set free in the wilds of the Manti-LaSal National Forest, where her father was a forest ranger. In retrospect, she realizes the thunderstorms that fascinated her as a child might have bathed her in nuclear fallout, and the issues of environmental degradation and range management her father struggled with in the post-war period were just the beginning of what has become a global issue of increasing importance. In a new exhibit curated by Scotti Hill at The Granary called Tourists of the New Sublime, Alvey examines her childhood and its relationship to the issues she now explores as an artist. She sat down to speak with us about the exhibit and her experiences as a child of the forest in this first of our new weekly podcasts, The 1-5-B.

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 Tourists of the New Sublime, featuring the work of Trent Alvey and Andrew Rice, is at The Granary Art Center October 5 – January 27, with an arists’ reception Friday, October 7, 6-8 pm.


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