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Tony Smith Rides Again


Legend has it . . .
Tony Smith would arrive at class with a pan of white paint and a roller, ready to cover up all the portions of a student’s paintings he didn’t like.

He would throw a student’s materials into the hallway, yelling “Get Out! I don’t want you in my class!” when he didn’t think they were working hard enough.

Teaching at one of the Helper plein air workshops, instead of the usual walk-by instructions, Tony drove by, shouting out his window, “More alizarin,” or “too much ultramarine.”

Anecdotes like these about Tony Smith usually come secondhand. But what all Smith’s former students seem to agree on is that “The Shredder,” as he was known while teaching at the University of Utah, had a cutting wit and no-nonsense critique style. And they loved him for it.

Read the article in the May 2013 edition of 15 Bytes.

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