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Time to Move the Music Indoors


Libby Gardner Concert Hall, University of Utah

As summer begins to simmer, so does outdoor concert season. We’ve had our fun in the sun, but performers are moving back indoors as are audiences. The temps may be cooling down, but the regular concert season is just warming up.

Here are some big concerts sneaking up sooner than you think in Salt Lake City. If you see something that should be on this list, let us know!


Utah Symphony

The Utah Symphony is exploring Carl Nielsen this year with their Symphony Cycle. This weekend you can hear Symphony No. 1, and the symphonies won’t stop until summer begins. The Utah Symphony performs at Abravanel Hall.


NOVA Chamber Music Series

If you’re unfamiliar with the NOVA Chamber Music Series, this is your year to get acquainted – especially if new and innovative music is something you’re looking for. NOVA is dedicated to presenting chamber music played by the finest resident musicians of Utah. Many pieces by Utah’s most famous composers are premiered by this ensemble. On September 29, they’ll inaugurate their season with “A Soldier’s Tale” – Stravinsky’s classic theater piece. It will star Doug Fabrizio of RadioWest in collaboration with Plan-B Theatre. NOVA performs at Libby Gardner Concert Hall.


Utah Chamber Artists

If you’re looking for some choral music, and you’re also looking for a free concert, Utah Chamber Artists will be performing their annual “Collage” Concert at the Cathedral of the Madeleine on September 16 & 17. It’s a visual as well as an aural experience as the choir and their instrumentalists utilize every nook and cranny in the cathedral throughout the performance. This concert features music across the ages created exquisitely for the human voice. Check out the website for more details. If you’ve never heard a choir in the cathedral — it’s a transcendent experience.


Utah Opera

On October 18 & 20 the Utah Opera will begin their season with Strauss’s Salome: King Herod’s capture of John the Baptist and Salome’s fascination with him. The music makes great technical demands on the orchestra and vocalists, and they say the story makes “emotional demands on all who enter”. Because the Capitol Theatre is under renovation, Utah Opera will perform this semi-staged production at Abravanel Hall.

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