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The Year Was 2006 …

The year was 2006 . . . and Pluto was being downgraded from a full planet to a dwarf one.

15 Bytes was being upgraded, by going from a 6-week publication schedule to a monthly one: You could set your calendar to the first Wednesday of the month, when you’d receive an email announcing a new edition of 15 Bytes.

In those editions, you’d find the number of gallery initiatives in 2006 was keeping pace with the previous feverish years of the 21st century, and reached across the state, from the Staples Art Center in tiny Elsinore to Two Sisters Fine Art in HeberGallery OneTen in ProvoJulie Nester Gallery in Park City, andUniverse City in Ogden. Salt Lake City added four spaces to its list of venues: Contemporary Design and Art GalleryArt at the MainLeigh North Gallery and Wasatch Frame Shop.

Banker Tom Alder was doing some upgrading of his own, getting out of the world of finance and into his true love: art. On his way to becoming a prominent gallerist, he began his Alder Accounts, a column on Utah’s historical artists that lasted more than 6 years. …

… while we continued to remember some of our recently departed artists:
Francis Zimbeaux
Doyle Strong
Lee Deffebach

Our Artist Profiles that year included:
Nathan Florence
Royden Card
Jamie Kirkland
Hyunmee Lee
Bruce Robertson
Marilou Kundmueller
Pam Bowman
Bryan Larsen
Amy Jorgensen

And our Art-Professional profiles continued with:
Lila Abersold
Pam Crowe-Weisberg
Kandace Steadman
Jay Heuman

But our most impressive accomplishment that year was probably the number of artists’ exhibits we reviewed in our pages, including:

Casey Jex Smith
Lindey Carter
Koichi Yamamoto
Sean Morello
Pyper Hugos
Jarrod Eastman
Justin Angelos
Jeremy Herridge
Ben Behunin
Mark England
Sandy Brunvand
Karen Horne
Jean Arnold
Brian Kershisnik
Kathleen Peterson
The Glass Art Guild
Jared Nielsen
Frank McEntire
Stefanie Dykes
K Stevenson
Jackie Brethen
Anna Campbell Bliss
Candida Hofer
Trent Call
Annie Kennedy
Mary Iverson
Robert Taplin
Corey Strange
Bonnie Sucec
Trent Alvey
Darryl Erdmann
Cary Griffiths
Shawn Harris
Aaron Fritz

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