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The Tip of the Iceberg: Video Work at UMOCA

Not since the construction of City Creek Center has there been such a racket on West Temple. Eight videos in UMOCA’s summer exhibition Cantastoria are creating quite a ruckus in the usually hushed galleries, as a cacophony of chanting, giggling and clicking converges in the subterranean galleries . . .

Read Alexandra Karl’s review of four video works now on exhibit at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

Alexandra Karl did a BFA in Ottawa (Canada) and then spent ten years studying art history in Europe. She worked at Munich’s Lenbachhaus for five years while completing her Masters, and received her PhD in the History of Art from Cambridge. She has taught at the U, the McGillis School and Congregation Kol Ami. She has led tours to the Spiral Jetty and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Stromquist House. She believes a vigorous art scene is essential to any thriving society.

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