It’s coming.
March 8th.
At Finch Lane Gallery.

Artists of Utah’s 35×35 exhibition, a look at thirty-five artists under the age of thirty-five. Video, sculpture, painting, printmaking, ceramics, performance, installation and drawing. In one gallery. Conversing.

And here’s the lineup, selected from over 100 entries by Artists of Utah’s Board of Directors:

Louise Åkebrand
Matthew Allred
Ashley Anderson
Christine Baczek
Nolan Baumgartner
Kelly Brooks
Van Chu
Adam Christensen
Erin Coleman-Cruz
Maddison Colvin
Michelle Condrat
Caitlin Connolly
Tess Cook
Chad Crane
Alex Foster
Venessa Gromek
Chad Crane
David Habben
Becky Hansen
Trishelle Jeffery
Wynter Jones
Nadia Rea Morales
Sean Moyer
Amanda Oechsle
Andrew Rice (whose etching “Overlook” is featured in the image on this page)
Derek Rigby
Addie Ryder
Julian Sagers
Mary Sauer
Mary Sinner
Sunny Taylor
Sarah Thomas
Mary Toscano
Adam Watkins
Justin Wheatley
Dan Vu