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The Rural Landscape According to Ron Russon

“Give a farmer academic art training and watch what happens. Color theory, composition, drawing, and all the principles and elements of design are learned and practiced until they are intuitive. Then, just as the farmer responds to the environment each and every day, the farmer-turned-artist responds, wash-by-wash, stroke-by-stroke, to the way the paint behaves on the canvas.

Ron Russon’s abstracted, expressive landscapes may be a little bit “out there” for those who want to see in a painting exactly what they see in nature. But look a little longer and you’ll feel the textures of the land; you’ll see patterns of fields and fence posts; and you’ll recognize the animals that inhabit farm and prairie…”

Read Sue Martin’s interview with Ron Russon in the July 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

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