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The Plein Air Attraction

“I sometimes head out early in the morning with a painting destination in mind, passing over roads and freeways with the rest of the rush hour traffic, heading to my “office of choice” while feeling sorry for those who don’t get to glory in this unique experience. Those of us who paint in nature have it good, there’s no doubt about it! The boss is friendly, the office has ambiance, the breaks are unscheduled and the hours are dictated only by how long the desired ratio of light and shadow will last at any particular site; who could ask for more? ”

read the full article in the August 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

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  1. This was a thoughtful description of plein air painting experience. It was great to read it. Yesterday was such a day of plein air painting for me and a few art friends, complete with light, air, bugs, lightening, and eventually drastic rain. It was great.

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