Okay, so it was a little late getting out (are there any of you who stay up all night at your computer waiting for 15 Bytes to come out?) but it’s  now online.

Have comments about this edition or any of the articles? Did you like the VIP emphasis? Or not so sure video or performance really belongs in the visual arts? Did you go to the Bill Viola Tanner lecture? Let us hear your thoughts. Leave a comment on this post (click "comments" below).

And stay tuned to Extra! Extra! we’ve got some interesting stuff coming up, including RECOVERED ART!!! And we’re not talking about the Rockwell found in Speilberg’s collection. We have breaking news that Trent Alvey’s missing art (featured in a story in Sunday’s Trib) has been returned. 

The founder of Artists of Utah and editor of its online magazine, 15 Bytes, Shawn Rossiter has undergraduate degrees in English, French and Italian Literature and studied Comparative Literature in graduate school before pursuing a career in art.

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