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Tech Tuesday: Perfect Gift for Artists on Your List

Okay, Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday has passed. And you might not have found something for everyone yet. If there’s an artist on your list, we have a suggestion.

We’ll call this Tech Tuesday. It’s all about helping the Utah artists on your list get an online presence. Maybe the very idea of creating a website scares them. Or they might have a site, but they have yet to get some eyeballs on it.

For the holidays you can get them an artist web page on Artists of Utah’s website. These Artist Listings include much of what an artist needs for an online presence including:

– a full bio

– artist statement

– head shot

– contact info, website link, social media links, gallery representation, etc

– 10 large images of their artwork

(You can check out a couple of examples here: Christine Baczek, Susan Kirby, John Huerta)

And the best news is, after the one time fee they never have to worry about it again. No renewing domain names (or figuring out what they are), switching web servers or any of that tech stuff. As long as they are an artist living or working in Utah their Artist Listing will remain on our site. No yearly renewal or fees.

We’ve already got hundreds of artists on our site. They are categorized alphabetically and by media.

Originally, our artist listings included only three small images and a short description of the artist. You’ll find many of these still on the site. Artists with these older listings have the option to upgrade to the new format, what we call our Robust Artist Listings. If an artist is new to our site they can sign up directly for the Robust Listings.

The upgrade fee is $25.

A new Robust Listing is $50.

Take a look here to see if your artist is on our list.

Gift them an artist listing now, and you can take them off yours.

When you pay for your artist listing leave us a note (or email us at and let us know the name of the artist and their email.
We’ll let them know about the gift and take it from there.

And if you’d like to gift one to yourself, feel free. You deserve it.

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