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Talking vs. Speaking: Student Installations at USU

Spring is coming (if not already here), which means you can expect to find exhibitions of student works in venues across the state. In Cache Valley a group of students at Utah State University has been getting the jump on everyone else. Under the direction of sculpture Professor Ryoichi Suzuki, Jessyka Barton, Jenna Coffin, Richard Bland and Jordan Snow have been working together to create installations in the campus gallery spaces.For a project in February, the group aimed to address “the issues that pervade cultural fears and discontents that are becoming more polarized within our neighborhoods every year.” The walls of the university’s Project Gallery were painted blue and red and the room was divided by a shiny chain-link fence (provided by Custom Fence Co. in Logan) that was topped with barbed wire. Visitors were invited to write their thoughts in chalk on the walls. “The idea is not simply sharing opinions, but, rather, observing the barrier we place between ourselves,” says Snow, one of the participating artists.

The same students have created a second installation, which will debut Thursday in the university’s Ready Made Gallery. Four (mostly) spherical objects, formed by a thousand mouths, hang from the gallery’s ceiling, while a sound piece projects a cut-up of nonsense speaking, reflecting the overall theme of the project, “we talk but don’t necessarily speak.”

Reception for this current installation will be Thursday, March 16th, 5-7 p.m. at the Ready Made Gallery, USU UR Building, 1200 E 700 N, Logan.



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