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John Erickson: Ready to Do Some Real Damage

An assistant professor at the University of Utah, Erickson treats his classes like a research lab; he might be looking for a cure for the mundane while inoculating his students against their native cultures. He takes his experiences in this laboratory back to his studio and adds to his own visual vocabulary. In genuine humility he may tell you that he never much envisioned commercial success as an artist. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

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Utah’s 15: Round 2

UTAH’S 15, our program to recognize and honor the state’s most influential artists, RETURNS. And we need your help. It was five years ago. Laura Durham had an idea: ask people to think about who they felt were the state’s most influential artists. At the time, Durham was working […]

Artist Profiles | Visual Arts

Trent Alvey: The Art of Spontaneity

Every day Trent Alvey walks up the hillside near her home in Emigration Canyon. She thinks of it as her own little Walden where she can reset her focus for the day. “Even if you go the same time every day, the light changes or the season changes,” she explains. “It’s the same and different simultaneously.” For Alvey, this daily ritual invites the spontaneity she requires of herself as an artist.

Artist Profiles | Visual Arts

It’s All an Illusion: A Profile of Sam Wilson

Thirty-five years ago Bob Olpin, the legendary chairman of the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, invited an itinerant painting professor to tackle a one-year teaching assignment. Olpin couldn’t know that when he arrived, Sam Wilson would possess qualities that could make him a significant artist. At the same time, Utah was about to surprise Wilson by providing him with the working conditions he needed to produce his art.