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Interlacing Spaces: The Fabric of Home in Gail Grinnell’s Shaw Gallery Installation

The picnic table anchors this installation. It grounds the floating veils and sky-yearning columns that dominate the space, suggesting a narrative without ever explicitly revealing it. In this large-scale, site-specific installation, Gail Grinnell has transformed Weber State University’s Shaw Gallery into a reflective space that resonates with the […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Yasuaki Onishi Sculpts with Light and Gravity at Weber State’s Shaw Gallery

Reverse of Volume, Yasuaki Onishi’s ethereal, transformative installation at Weber State University’s Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, is created from simple material yet alludes to complex phenomena. Light and gravity contribute to the work’s perceptual illusion in which a wavering plastic sheet appears to float in midair with […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

We are the People: Experiments in Contemporary Indigenism at WSU’s Shaw Gallery

Overshadowed and undervalued by the history of Caucasian colonizers, the diverse tapestry of America’s indigenous peoples is frequently molded together to form a digestible monolithic narrative. An increasingly urgent call to arms regarding minority representation in art accompanied the civil rights movements of the 1960s and, while significant […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

As You Pull Away, It Comes Into Focus: Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor in the Shaw Gallery

  It would be helpful if words could capture the sequence of impressions created by a first encounter with Confetti and Distress, Honey and Suspicion. We know what to expect with paintings and sculpture, and increasingly now with performance, installation, video—all the newer media that have become familiar […]

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