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Some Things We Noticed at the Spring Salon: Rose Dall, Kent Ricks, Stefani Kimche, Makennah Aagard

A piece of art is like a fingerprint. Even if two artists use the same tools, processes, inspiration, and subject matter, each finished piece, no matter how similar, will display subtle differences because each artists’ experience is their own and, whether they like it or not, their work is stamped with their unique signature of personal perspective developed throughout their life.
Rose Dall’s “I Was, I Am” utilizes relief typography in contrast to her two-dimensional self portrait. A hand, formed of strong brush strokes, pulls Dall through a cacophony of negative talk and stereotypes that threaten to drown her; her face breaks through the debilitating wave to be embraced by positive phrases of who she really is, her worth, and her essential presence, illuminating the powerful need of a helping hand that people so often struggle to reach for.

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