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Ne Plus Ultra: An interview with Arte Haus Collectif’s Holly Addi

In Charlotte Boye-Christensen’s Ne Plus Ultra feature, the co-founder of NOW-ID highlights the creative talents of people in the local and international communities she collaborates with. In her most recent feature, she talked with Holly Addi, an artist in Salt Lake City as well as owner of Arte […]

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NOW ID’S Collaborative Feast

by Amy Freitas FEAST, NOW ID’s second production since its founding in 2013, began with a casual pre-show. Cellist Jesper Egelund, from Denmark, improvised upon the backdrop of the setting sun as it kissed the Great Salt Lake and all of the wandering guests at Great Saltair. As Egelund […]


NOW’s Wedding, at the Masonic Lodge

Choreographer Charlotte Boye-Christensen’s greatest fear about her new work The Wedding is that she doesn’t know enough about the subject matter. In Denmark, where she’s from, “only about eight percent of the population marry . . . so it’s not something I’m terribly familiar with,” she says. She can count […]