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The Anticipation of Seeing Something New: A Review of John Costa’s Refuge

Like all good ekphrastic pieces of art, Costa’s Refuge has layers. Not only does it exist in the past, with the experiences of the original author of the text, but it also exists in the present with the listeners hearing the notes from the soprano, string quartet, and piano, and it will exist in the future as both a piece to listen to, as well as a small series of poems to read. If that’s not a lovely pot full of kinetic ekphrastic soup, I don’t know what is.

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NOVA Chamber Music Series Brings Beethoven and Rihm to Park City

Utah Symphony Associate Concertmaster Kathryn Eberle and Principal Symphony Keyboard Jason Hardink have been threading their way through all of German composer Ludwig van Beethoven’s ten violin sonatas since the fall of 2013. This is when Utah’s NOVA Chamber Music Series began its Gallery Series at Salt Lake City’s Art Barn. Now the Series has expanded to another small venue, Julie Nester Gallery in Park City. This most recent concert took place this past Thursday evening April 16, 2015.

Jason Hardink and Kimi Kawashima of NOVA Chamber Music Series, photo by Laura Durham
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NOVA Chamber Music Series

Jason Hardink spent this past summer exploring the music of 20th Century Greek composer Iannis Xenakis — the Artistic Director of NOVA Chamber Music Series tells us he was planning to program their season opener with three Xenakis works: a solo piano piece and two solo percussion pieces. […]