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Long Live UMFA: Felicia Baca

If you went to the Utah Museum of Fine Art’s we’re-about-to-close-for-a-year-come-take-a-look-at-the-collection party this weekend, you won’t have seen one of Walead Beshty’s Fedex boxes, a series of sculptural works in glass or copper shipped via FedEx so the shipping process becomes part of the work—they haven’t been on […]

Daily Bytes

Long Live UMFA: Christine Baczek

Thinking about my favorite piece in the UMFA collection, I am overwhelmed with memories. I was the collection photographer for the museum from 2006-2014, and I saw every piece in the 20,000+ collection—from a giant stained-glass dragon sculpture with interior lights and incense burners in the nostrils, to […]

Daily Bytes

Long Live UMFA: Scotti Hill

Small and unassuming, Dirck Hals’ pair of “Merry Company” images embodies a morally potent message about the fragility of life. Both works depict a boisterous gathering of individuals, who through their interaction provide a glorious snapshot of 17th-century Holland. As a master’s student in art history, I studied […]