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’Like nothing you’ve ever seen before.’ Larry Revoir’s vocabulary of annihilation comes to Finch Lane

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”602″] Today’s artists come of age in a thicket of appropriation, whether it’s the quotation of a famous artwork, like Marcel Duchamp’s drawing a mustache on a postcard of Mona Lisa, or pop music made from sampled, previous hit songs. So it came as no […]

15 Bytes | Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Playful Dimensions: Darryl Erdmann and Kristina Lenzi at Finch Lane

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”575″] If you’ve watched Darryl Erdmann’s career over the years, you may have come to suspect that there’s a good dose of the frustrated sculptor in this consummate painter. By incorporating found and constructed elements in some of his works, Erdmann has at times branched […]

15 Bytes | Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Black North: Jena Schmidt at Finch Lane Gallery

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”775″ album=”401″] When Jena Schmidt saw ‘Black North’ written inside the lid of her grandfather’s brass compass, the words resonated with her painterly project as though she’d found a fellow explorer. While compass directions have rich associations for us, they don’t really have colors: north is […]