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Carol and Bill Fulton in their Salt Lake Home
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Carol and Bill Fulton

When Carol Fulton met her husband Bill, who helped photograph the couples in the feature she wrote for us this month, their interest in art was relatively dormant: she owned a few works of art, and he had once gone through Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Twenty-three years later, though, the couple says that art is the cement that holds their relationship together.


Art & Copy

“Art & Copy is a great ad for the advertising world. Watch it and you’ll be ready to give up your day job, no matter how profitable or prestigious, to join the revolutionaries and visionaries who craft the messages that bombard us everyday.” From Shawn Rossiter’s review of […]

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Christopher Terry

“. . . Light is the force that animates and fills every surface in Terry’s paintings, giving life to the polished floors and weathered baseboards as much as to the folds of cloth and mundane objects that make up his still lifes. ” From Shawn Rossiter’s review “Democratic […]