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Space for Place: Middle | Nowhere at Springville Museum of Art

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”626″] The six prominent Utah artists now on exhibit in the Springville Museum of Art’s (SMOFA) Here, There, and Everywhere have each developed a personal style that is immediately recognizable as well as adept at evoking a sense of place. The exhibit is an examination […]

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Wrestling with the Self: Andrew Moncrief at UMOCA

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”616″] When ancient Greek city-states vied against each other, not in ruthless combat but in the more civilized arena we now call the Olympics, they were transforming the frequently violent but seemingly ever-present desire for conflict into a ritualized and artistic form of competition. Foremost […]

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Ways of Feeling: Abstraction and Emotion at Slusser Gallery

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”570″] In today’s heterogeneous world of art, there are, generally speaking, two fundamental vehicles for connecting with a work: the emotional and the conceptual. The two create structures of meaning and the basis for fundamental interpretation. As the viewer comes to understand a work, an […]

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Sanity in Difference: Zachary Franzoni at Gallery at Library Square

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”553″] Artist Zachary Franzoni is influenced by, intrigued by, motivated by, compelled by, and torn by urbanity, which, in a self-reflective, contemplative way, results as the finished product of his art. Being from Detroit, and now residing in Salt Lake City, the artist has a […]

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The Mark of the Artist: Landscapes by Tyler Willmore and Molly O’Mara at Utah Artist Hands

Artists Tyler Willmore and Molly O’Mara, who are showing at UTah Artist Hands Gallery for the upcoming Salt Lake Gallery Stroll, both use nature to their advantage. Willmore expands the landscape, wrapping his paintings in written texts that provide metaphorical context for personal exploration, while O’Mara strips down […]