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Sweet Visuals: Sugar House In Plain Site

Originally the neighborhood was supposed to be home to a sugar beet factory that would alleviate the financial burden early pioneers endured to import sugar. When this initial attempt failed (it took thirty years and a move to Lehi for the state to get a local sweetner), the neighborhood became home to the state’s penitentiary, and eventually served as a major traffic artery before the establishment of the interstate highway system. Now it is home to a thriving liberal arts college, rows of bungalows, and a shopping district that features a mix of local shops and national chains as well as a number of art-related businesses. Jared Christensen, who has been a student at Westminster College for the past four years, knows the area well and brings us this month’s photo essay on the artistic side of Sugar House.

Check out the photo essay in the July 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

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  1. Some beautifully composed images perfectly capture a visually diverse and always fascinating neighborhood. Just like taking a very long walk. I especially enjoyed the photograph of the knight atop Salt Lake Costume Co. Thanks for sharing your skilled and sensitive vision.

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