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Sustain the Granary

The Sustain the Granary event in Salt Lake City is this Friday, June 15, 6 to 10 pm.

There is plenty happening at this week’s Gallery Stroll in Salt Lake City, so it is with a touch of trepidation that we bring up a concurrent event . . . but seeing as we’ve already run a 1200 word article with 20 accompanying images on the subject, it seems our sights are pretty well locked and there’s no reason not to commit all the way.

Sure, Nan Ellin’s article in the June edition of 15 Bytes laid out the argument for why the Granary District needs careful consideration and planning; you heard why a number of the residents think the neighborhood is unique; and Shalee Cooper’s photographs gave you a look at many of the local landmarks. But that’s not the same thing as walking the streets, talking to the neighbors, grabbing a bite to eat and getting a sense of how the whole thing fits together (we could tell you Greenwich Village is cool, and text you a few photos, but you’d still want to visit the place yourself, right?).

That’s why there’s Sustain the Granary. It’s like a great block party.

Actually, there’s about 20 blocks, and that’s why The Young Architect’s Forum will be leading tours of the neighborhood. Beginning at Artspace Commons (423 W. 800 South) they will be run on a regular basis between 6 and 8 pm. Participants will meet local nonprofits, gallery owners, as well as view a display of student projects from the University of Utah College of Architecture focused on the Granary District. In the spirit of urban planner and activist Jane Jacobs,there  will also be a stroll through the Granary District, stopping to tour local highlights and hear the stories of residents, designers and business owners. The event is accessible and welcoming to bicycles, wheelchairs, children and seniors.


The tour could be a great time for anything from a simple urban stroll on a early summer evening to an invigorating discussion about city planning, urban living and the future of a unique district in Salt Lake City. People have been thinking seriously about the neighborhood’s future (see some of the images above), and you can join the conversation.

You also won’t want to miss the The Kentlands Initiative’s Block Party, where a city street (700 South between 3rd and 4th west) will be transformed with food trucks, live music, and modified shipping containers to get a flavor of the hopes of the people who live, work, and play here. And stop by Level 9 Sports, where a warehouse has been transformed into a beautiful space that you simply must see.

And since all that walking might make you a bit hungry, be sure to stop by the fabulous Frida Bistro. But don’t think of it as a finale. This is just a breather before the night really starts going. As the sun sets, Young Architects Forum will host two of Salt Lake’s best DJs as they mix to some of the most talented up-and-coming photographers in town with a performance piece showcasing one-of-a-kind photographs of the Granary District captured specifically for this event (Cat and Blake Palmer, also featured in this month’s edition, are involved).

So, don’t really think of it as cheating on Gallery Stroll. Sustain the Granary will have plenty of art too. And it’s only a few blocks from places like House Gallery, Nox Contemporary and Rio Gallery, so there’s no reason you can’t make both events part of your Friday night.

You’ll find a map and more info on the event at the Young Architects Forum here and info on the Jane’s Walk here.

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