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READ LOCAL SUNDAY: Jacqueline Osherow

Jackie OsherowREAD LOCAL SUNDAY is your glimpse into the working minds and hearts of Utah’s literary writers. Each month, 15 Bytes offers works-in-progress and / or recently published work by some of the state’s most celebrated and promising writers of fiction, poetry, literary non-fiction and memoir.

Today, 15 Bytes features Salt Lake City-based writer Jacqueline Osherow who here provides three poems, the first, a work-in-progress/unpublished, and the second two from her latest collection Ultimatum from Paradise (LSU Press, 2014).

Sunday Blog Read continues to accrue a distinguished group of established and emerging Utah writers for your review and enjoyment.

So curl up with your favorite cup of joe and enjoy the work of Jacqueline Osherow!





Storm Clouds over Lupines: Villanelle

                                                         Lakeview, Montana



Which is the mirror, field or sky?

These silver-purple clouds or purple lupines

in endless sagebrush, gray on silver-gray?


And what’s that between them? Is that my

reflection? I should move before it rains.

But which is mirror? Is that field or sky


gazing at her likeness, lazily

touching up the purple imperfections

tarnishing her mirror’s silver-gray?


Or are they in cahoots?   See? they multiply:

reflections of reflections of reflections.

Perhaps they’re both mirrors, field and sky


each redoubling the other’s sovereignty

across their spectrum’s frugal variations:

purple to silver, silver to gray.


What a pity I’m in the way.

But I flatter myself. The clouds and lupines

don’t even see me, just field and sky

dissolving silver purple silver gray


Copyright, Jacqueline Osherow, 2015



White on White
after Kasimir Malevich


It’s the sort of painting I could never stand—
a white square ask

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